Austrian Entrepreneur Bundle by Hunter Hastings

Ready to put Austrian Economics to work for your business?

Economics For Entrepreneurs is a project of the Mises Institute, to demonstrate how the application of economic principles helps entrepreneurs succeed. The Austrian Entrepreneur Bundle is the perfect place to jump-start your success!

The Bundle pairs our flagship course - The Austrian Entrepreneur's Journey - with our New Logic of Entrepreneurship Video & Toolset - offered together for a limited time at an incredible discount!

Austrian Entrepreneur Bundle

Normally a $102 value, we're offering our flagship course The Austrian Entrepreneur's Journey AND The New Logic of Entrepreneurship Toolset as a limited-time offer bundle for just $87!

What's included?

The Austrian Entrepreneur's Journey

Learn the economics of starting, growing, and running your own business from a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

The New Logic of Entrepreneurship

A free video and set of corresponding tools for purchase.

Learn Economics The Austrian Way

Hi, Hunter Hastings here - I'm an economist by education, a marketer in my professional track, a venture capitalist in my current business life, an Individualist in philosophy, and a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship in whatever form I can practice it, support it and advance it.

Along with the Economics For Entrepreneurs team, I’m creating a series of tools, resources and experiences to help you learn economics and use it to start, grow and manage a business.

Reviews for the Austrian Entrepreneur Bundle

The Austrian Entrepreneur Bundle is a fantastic value! Hunter's flagship course gave me both tools to plan business activities the right way, and the knowledge of how to execute.  This bundle is a must-have for any business owner.
Ricky Porco