The Austrian Entrepreneur's Journey by Hunter Hastings

The Austrian Entrepreneur's Journey

Learn the Economics of Starting, Growing and Running a Business.

What's included?

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How To Take This Journey
Module 1. The journey starts here - fueled by knowledge, research and economic science, and the unlimited resource available to every entrepreneur.
Video 1: The Twelve Stage Entrepreneurial Journey
15 mins
Module 2. Start at the fueling station: the unlimited free resource available to all entrepreneurs.
Video 2: The Unlimited Resource: Tapping in to Consumer Dissatisfaction.
4 mins
Module 3. Your Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment
Video 3: Your E-Self Assessment - What kind of an entrepreneur am I? What behavioral traits should I be aware of?
20 mins
Module 4. Set yourself the toughest possible standard: uniqueness.
Video 4: How Am I Unique? What Do I Know? Who Do I Know? What Are My Unique Resources?
8 mins
Module 5. Your most powerful business tool: Targeted Empathy.
Video 5: Targeted empathy - Who Am I Going To Serve?
10 mins
Module 6. Research is hard. Talking to customers is easy.
Video 6: One Perfect Customer: How To Think About Customer Research.
2 mins
Module 7. Doctor, Doctor! What's your diagnosis?
Video 7: Entrepreneurial Diagnosis - What's the problem you are going to solve for your customer?
15 mins
Module 8. How entrepreneurs imagine the future.
Video 8: Imagining the future: the brilliance of entrepreneurs - and how every entrepreneur can be brilliant.
18 mins
Module 9. You gotta believe! Belief precedes action.
Video 9: Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your plan?
14 mins
Module 10. Take Action To Create And Manage Your Own Unique Set Of Resources.
Video 10: Action! Assemble your resources by interconnecting with the right components for your business model.
15 mins
Module 11. Activation through brand building.
Video 11: Activation! Build your brand on our strong 6-point foundation, then activate it.
26 mins
Module 12: Refueling - The Ultimate Resource Of Co-Creation Keeps Topping Up Your Tank.
Video 12: The Refueling Step - The Process Of Co-Creation and how to use it to build Customer Loyalty.
7 mins
Module 13. Continuous Assessment For Continuous Improvement.
Video 13: Continuous Assessment For Continuous Improvement.
11 mins
The Course Ends, But Your Journey Is Just Beginning!
3 mins

Learn Economics The Austrian Way

Hi, Hunter Hastings here - I'm an economist by education, a marketer in my professional track, a venture capitalist in my current business life, an Individualist in philosophy, and a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship in whatever form I can practice it, support it and advance it.

Along with the Economics For Entrepreneurs team, I’m creating a series of tools, resources and experiences to help you learn economics and use it to start, grow and manage a business.