The New Logic of Entrepreneurship by Hunter Hastings

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  1. The Subjective Value Analysis Tool. Subjective value is the core of Austrian Economics. You can avoid value creation uncertainty when you are developing your value proposition if you use this multi-level analysis.
  2. The Minimum Viable Experience Design Tool. You may have heard of MVP – the Minimal Viable Product. It’s a risky idea, because value is an experience, and a sub-par product can result in a poor experience, for which you’ll never be forgiven by the customer. What’s the minimum experience you can deliver to retain customer interest? Using this tool will help you.
  3. The Austrian Cash Flow Dashboard. Value is subjective but cash flow is objective. Don’t run out of money.  This tool is a simple excel spreadsheet template that’s critical in helping you understand and manage short-term cash flow – the Austrian way.

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Reviews for The New Logic of Entrepreneurship

This set of tools was a great value for $5 - exactly what I needed.
Ricky Porco
Hunter's advice and tools gave me a new framework for thinking about my service offering.
Maria Forno

Learn Economics The Austrian Way

Hi, Hunter Hastings here - I'm an economist by education, a marketer in my professional track, a venture capitalist in my current business life, an Individualist in philosophy, and a passionate supporter of entrepreneurship in whatever form I can practice it, support it and advance it.

Along with the Economics For Entrepreneurs team, I’m creating a series of tools, resources and experiences to help you learn economics and use it to start, grow and manage a business.

The New Logic of Entrepreneurship

The corresponding toolset is only $5!